Personal Addition #17 The toll my dream takes

I really like this post because it shows your passion for following your dreams. Even though you know that it may not be the easiest career to get into you still are willing to give it all you’ve got to achieve your goal. I think that is something to admire because so many people just take the easy road instead of working for what they truly want


My dream is to eventually be in the movie industry, it doesn’t really matter if it’s on screen or off screen, I just have a passion for showing creativity through video. I’m already learning what it takes behind the camera. I’m taking all the media classes my highschool had to offer, and I got accepted into the theatre and film program at U of W. I can’t explain who I love film the way that I do, it’s just something I’ve always known. I just knew I wanted to be apart of the magic that showcases brilliant imaginations through cinematic imagery and thematic scores. It’s my dream, I know it’s one of the more risky career choices, but I know I can do it. I owe it to myself to try.

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personal addition 12 

I can connect to this post because I have had very similar experiences working at Perkins as a host and a server as well. I feel like a restaurant setting is a job that everyone should have to work in. It really makes you appreciate servers when you go out to eat and some of the skills I’ve picked up will stay with me forever. I really love my job and being a server before I turned 18 was something that is hard to come by. The tips don’t hurt either.

jenna zappia

As of April 3rd, I have been working at Smitty’s for a full year! I hosted for 7 months and then started serving as well as hosting. I really like working in a restaurant environment. it’s really physically demanding because you’re on your feet for 5-6 hours at a time constantly moving without breaks. i enjoy how there is always something to do, not like some jobs where you just stand around. I have also made a lot of friends with my coworkers!

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Personal Addition #14 – Game Night

I think that is such an important thing to do with your friends. I feel like as we are getting older that we are always trying to have big group events or trying to always have plans. I think that some of the most enjoyable nights are spent at home just hanging out with a few friends and playing games or watching movies.

Maddie Moore

Recently a friend of mine had the idea to have a bunch of us over to his house to play board games. A really classic night. Despite our efforts to make it a big group thing, there ended up being five of us who went. We made goodies to bring, ordered pizzas, and just played games. We played Cranium and Life while talking about everything under the sun. It was a great night and I’m very glad that I got to have the luxury of spending a relaxing night with close friends.

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Personal addition #15

For some reason I decided that taking IB classes was something that I wanted to do. Boy can I tell it you that I regret it. This week is the end of my IB biology classes for good and I couldn’t be happier. The class has only caused me stress and I can not wait to be done with it for good. IB sports hasn’t caused me too much grief but I can tell you that I will be very happy only having two classes for my last two months in high school. Although the classes are done that also means that our exams are coming. This scares me because our first in class exam is tomorrow and I am far from prepared. 

Personal addition #14

   These are my best friends Somin and Malcolm. They both go to SJR and I met them through an ultimate program. This picture was taken the first time we ever hung out which was only less than a year ago. It seems crazy that we’ve known each other for less than a year yet I feel like we’ve been best friends forever. I don’t get to see them as often as I would like because we are all so busy. But when we do get to hang out it makes it all the more fun. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have them in my life. 

Personal addition #13


 Yesterday I turned 18. It was pretty exciting and I’ve been looking forward to it for a while now. For my birthday two family members gave me scratch cards. I always loved scratch cards when I was a kid and I would get my mom to buy them just so I could play the games. From the scratch cards from my family I won $4 so I got excited and went to buy another card today and won $4 again. So I’m on a roll so far. We’ll see if I can keep up my winning streak or if I will have to quit buying them before it becomes a problem. 

Personal addition #12


This past weekend I had a family birthday party for my sister and I. Our birthdays are 2 days apart so we always have our family birthday parties together. It’s probably also the only reason I still get family birthday parties so it works for me. I got this notebook from my cousins that live in Minneapolis. Even though it’s so simple it’s one of my favorite presents. Within the notebook there are a bunch of quotes about New York and they are so colorful and fun. It’s such a simple present but they knew it was something I would love.